Today’s human interactions have been infected by out of control ideology; maligned by people who will do anything to perpetuate selfish agendas.  Modern man has painted himself into a theoretical corner of how he would like things to be and the actual realities of human existence.  The progressive quest for a Utopia of rainbows and Unicorns has resulted in a Dystopia of loathing, victimization, self-centeredness and entitlement.

It’s no longer OK to be human; in fact if you act too human you can face hate filled labels, ostracism and social retaliation from cultural bullies.  Truth is the new hate speech because truth dissolves ideology.  If you speak out, you risk character assassination and social alienation.  We have been conditioned to keep our little mouths shut so the big mouths can talk.  We have been told that our Constitution, our traditions and our beliefs are old fashioned and obsolete.  We have been bullied into letting the government tell us how to raise our children: A government that now determines what our children need to know and not know, what to think and not how to think.  We are threatened with professional ruin if we fail to comply with the regulations of an out of control Federal Government that has seized more power than they were allotted.

We have not lost our way; it has been hidden from us by runaway ideologies. We have been purposely mislead about current events by a self serving over commercialized media that has forgotten its duty of unbiased oversight.   We are paying the price for an agenda driven form of polarization that forces us to one side of the political spectrum or the other.  It is no longer OK to be moderate or “in the middle” because, according to the ideologues balanced is no longer fair.

There are clear reasons why we think so differently from the way our parents did and why our children and grandchildren see the world so vastly differently than we do.  The cause is simple.  Education has become indoctrination.  Through repetitious messaging the definitions of words have been changed without justification or consensus.  We are inhibited to speak our truth in a social setting even when we know in our hearts that our insights could make a difference.  We won’t speak out because it’s more trouble than it is worth.  Free speech is no longer free; we are being oppressed and repressed.  A truly free people cannot fit into two little boxes designed to streamline political power.

In this book I will explain to you exactly how this repression and pacification have occurred.  I will put forth clear and simple methods for building our immunity against the contagions spread by the progressive ideologues on both sides.  I will explain why we are experiencing so much emotional turmoil in our hearts and in our world.  I will explain why nothing is ever resolved or settled.  I will explain how race is used to divide us and why.  I will give you many needed, vital and valuable insights.

I suggest that you have been made pacifistic by the bullies who are now in control of our culture and that your withdrawal from the debate is a part of their sinister plan.  They demand your silence then use that silence as consent to things you vehemently oppose.

While reading this book you will learn how you have been brainwashed by the control of information in the form of propaganda.  You’ll learn how the future of freedom in the modern world is being selfishly stolen from our children by people who wholeheartedly believe that they know what is best for you and yours.  Your action is required.  Remaining ignorant of these issues is your consent; one day they will stop asking for that consent and then one day it will not be needed.