About the Author Emmanuel S. John

As a therapist of more than 30 years I have learned not only what people think but how they think.  I quit High School as a kid and now possess 5 college degrees.  I have worked on the toughest streets in Baltimore City and I have counseled millionaires, Emmy and Grammy winners. I have worked with everyone in between.  I specialize in Anxiety, Depression, Addiction and Trauma.  I have spent time as Democratic Socialist and a hard core Conservative.  I have since stopped putting their labels on my perspectives and now exist somewhere in between.

As a child we were very poor and very dysfunctional. Sometimes we had to steal food to eat; we had to do wrong to stay alive.  Now as a (mostly) Maslovian Therapist I understand MOTIVE as few people do.  I have spent my entire life studying American and International government. I love history and know that nearly every lesson we need has been learned before but that these lessons are often ignored.

I wrote the Pacification of Humanity as a warning to the “educated” people of modern society that their opinions are not their own but are instead a carefully crafted and narrow view of people looking to control our awareness.  I wrote it to educate those who have never been motivated to, or could not afford the expensive views of the academic elite.  I do not distain education.  I love learning but when learning is slanted and not holistic it becomes propaganda.   All the tyrants of world have known this and used it to gain and maintain their power.

I want you all to be able to speak your true voice without the intimidation of the Cultural Bullies that run our education and media systems.  I want you to know what you need to know and not just what they want you to know.