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Our society is degrading morally. Social discord and violence are on the rise.  We have become overly sensitive to others’ beliefs.  People no longer take personal responsibility.  Feelings of victimization are increasing dramatically.  Relationships are more problematic.  People seem unreasonable and unrealistic.  The sense of entitlement is increasing.  National leaders are dysfunctional.  Educators have become deceitful indoctrinators.  History has been revised. The government operates on flawed ideologies, false narratives, distractions and lies.  Ideological polarization, emotionality and the politics of division have lead to hatred and violence.  Technology is interfering with reason. The media has failed in its 1st Amendment duty as the people’s watch dog against corruption.

The Pacification of Humanity sets the record straight on the real issues plaguing our society.  It will free you from the pacifistic roles forced upon you by the “cultural bullies.”  It will teach you how  to restore your freedom of speech. It will break you out of the echo chamber of the ideologue and erase the faux lines of hatred dividing us.  It will expose the warped insights of “political correctness,” of race, ideology and of propaganda.   The insights in this book will help US to reunite under realistic perspectives we can all agree on.  Read it if you care about the direction of our society.

Read it twice if you are raising its future.